Mason Jar Meals: 60 delicious Mason Jar recipes for every meal of the day including Mason Jar Salads (mason jar, mason jar meals, mason jar salads, mason … mason jar dinner, mason jar preppers)

Try these Delicious Mason Jar Meal recipes. 60 amazing Mason Jar Recipes for every meal of the day

In six detailed chapters you will learn everything to make delicious mason jar meals guided by our recipes. This includes breakfast, lunches, salads, dinner and even desserts!

Chapter 1 Foods in Mason Jars
Chapter 2 Breakfast In-A-Jar Recipes
Chapter 3 Main Dish On-The-Go Recipes
Chapter 4 Toss-And-Eat Salad recipes
Chapter 5 Baked Goodies in a Jar
Chapter 6 No-Bake Dessert Recipes

Packing your food in a jar is a convenient way to prepare delicious meals for the family. It can also help you save money in the long run. You only need a few Mason jars to start and it will last long provided that you take care of it.

One of the advantages of using Mason jar meals is that you can take it with you to work just like a regular pack lunch. The food also tastes fresh even after days in the refrigerator. Serving it in jars also allows you to control your food portions.

You can create many different meals in a jar. This book contains various recipes from pancake breakfast to main dish recipes and baked goodies. Try the recipes and adjust the ingredients to suit your taste. Give them to your family and friends as gifts and let them enjoy it too.

Grab your copy here


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