Backpacking: The ultimate guide for beginners, prepare for your trip with expert tips, tricks and insider secrets

Are you familiar with Scott Rogers, the handicapped who accepted the challenge of hiking the 3,500-kilometer Appalachian National Scenic Trail in 2004? Although he is an above-the-knee amputee, he carved a name for himself as one of the most famous hikers who walked the path that passes through the states of Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.

How has he been able to survive going through the long and winding course despite the disability, you ask? Well, apart from his unrelenting determination to conquer a feat that others deem him too weak for, he learned the basics of backpacking and more.

Had he chosen not to strategize regarding his trip in the wilderness, what to and what not to carry on his back, reaching his glory days may have been impossible. Because he was bold enough to be out there, he won the hearts of many.

If you wish to embark on as grand a journey as Scott Rogers, start planning your trip and while at it, learn the skills and be on your way to master backpacking. If you are hesitant because you have no idea with where to begin, worry no more.

In “Backpacking: The ultimate guide for beginners”, you will be learning tips, tricks and other things you need to know about backpacking.

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