The Ultimate Puppy Training Guide: All you need to know about raising and training the perfect puppy for you and your family (puppy training, puppy raising, … book, dog training, puppy house training)

Puppies are adorable. They are goofy, tiny little balls of fur that even the coldest of people can’t ignore. They are small packages of fun and laughter just waiting to happen. But they can also be recipes for disaster.

Nowadays, just about everyone wants a puppy. There are over 350 breeds of dogs scattered all over the world. Surely, the perfect dog for every individual is out there somewhere. The thing is, when good puppies come home to trainers or families who lack the knowledge and experience, behavioral and health issues arise, one after another. These issues are often what get puppies and dogs thrown in cages, or chained permanently to one side of the backyard. In the worst cases, behavioral issues that were caused or worsened unknowingly by pet owners are the reasons why there are hundreds of dogs awaiting euthanasia or adoption.

This book will help you raise the perfect puppy, prevent as many behavioral issues as possible, and raise a sociable, responsive dog that will most certainly be a source of joy to the family. If you are thinking of bringing home a pup of your own, or if you already have a puppy but don’t quite know how to train and raise her to be the best dog she can be, then you’ve come to the right book!

The chapters in this book are full of up-to-date information on how to choose your perfect companion, and start training her before she even comes home. By reading this book, you will become more equipped with the knowledge you need to train any puppy you may choose to bring home. By reading this book, you become a more responsible dog owner. Your family, neighbors and most importantly, your pup, will thank you for taking the time to learn more about how to raise and train a puppy.

Are you excited to learn more? To whet your appetite for what this book holds in store for you, here are just a few of the things you will learn when you read this book:

1. Puppy Basics 101: Learn all about the domestic dog’s amazing journey from wild wolf, to family companion, and how wolf instincts will affect how your puppy interacts with the world around it.

2. Puppy Basics 102: Learn how to prepare for the arrival of your puppy by choosing the right breed and breeder for you and how to pick the right puppy from the litter.

3. Learn how proper handling and stimulation can positively affect your puppy’s temperament and reaction to training before you even bring her home.

4. Learn all about the basic needs of your puppy, and how best to provide her with a healthy diet and safe environment.

5. Learn how to start puppy training from day 1! Introduce your puppy to socialization with the rest of your family, and teach her to love her crate and become housebroken as soon as possible.

In addition to all the information contained in this book, each chapter also ends with helpful summaries of the concepts previously discussed. There are also checklists included in this book, to help you keep track of what you have learned.

I truly hope that this book helps you raise and train the perfect puppy for you and your family. Have fun learning all about puppies, and enjoy teaching and training your very own canine companion!


Grab your copy here


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