Simple options trading strategies: Learn how to trade options for beginners (options trading, options trading kindle, options and futures, options investing, … markets, options book, options income)

This book explains the concepts behind options as tradable financial instruments – what they really are, what they are used for, and how to use them to generate more trading profits while minimizing trading risks. What makes this book exceptionally useful is it presents the seemingly complicated concepts of options trading in a simple way and in plain English that can be fully understood and appreciated even by traders who are dipping their fingers into the financial markets for the first time.

Trading options is without a doubt one of the most advanced and most powerful trading techniques ever developed. However, it can be very confusing especially to the uninitiated who has not been exposed to the intricacies of trading and the complexities of the financial markets. For one thing, this not-so-really-new world of options trading introduces a whole new array of trading jargon and complex trading strategies totally different from those ordinarily used by regular traders. There are also seemingly limitless array of combinations that can be written out of a single option so much so that it becomes too daunting sometimes too intimidating to tackle by even the most experienced professional traders.

This book simplifies everything about options and options trading down to a tee to suit the needs of traders whatever kind they may be. It contains all the simple answers to all the sticky questions, lingering doubts, and misplaced concepts about options trading. It also contains basic options trading strategies presented in a well illustrated and easy to follow manner which both the newbie and professional trader alike will find very useful.

Grab your copy here


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