How To Be A Good Mom: What Every Mother Must Know To Be A Good Mom And Raise Great Kids (Parenting, Single Moms, Step Moms, Family, Raising Kids, Newborns)

You’re about to discover everything you need to know on how to be a good mom and raise great kids in an easy to understand format. This book was written to help moms who are seeking to learn all they can about bringing up children in a positive, loving and creative environment. There may be many different types of mothers, all with different views on life, on raising their children, and of what matters but the one thing that is for sure is that a good mother has happy children. Regardless of how they are raised, no sweets or all the chocolate they want, stay clean or roll around in dirt, routines and schedules or do whatever you want, children that are happy will always be those that stand out over the rest. Through happiness, children are able to discover themselves and who they really are, through this confidence is gained and then success throughout their young lives. Contentment in what they have and don’t have, success in doing what they love, and the optimistic humility that the world lacks so much of. The author is parent and has researched the subject matter thoroughly over the years but has also learned a lot through trial and error . To those of you who are expectant mothers, new moms or existing moms this book was written for you. This book is filled with great advice on how to be a good mom so that you can raise great kids!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The Different Types Of Moms
– The Tough Stuff You’ll Go Through
How To Be A Good Step Mom
What You Need To Know About Adoption
Two Moms Raising Kids Together
Special Needs
And Much, Much More!

Grab your copy here


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