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Essential oils and aromatherapy have always been linked. This will be explained in detail in the first few chapters. Aromatherapy in itself can be defined as the art and science of using natural aromatic essence to harmonize and promote good health. It is not only used to treat physical symptoms but also to bring emotional and spiritual peace and balance. 

Essential oils are the liquid derived from certain types of plants, including flowers and trees. They are called ‘essential’ because they contain the distinct scent and other properties of the plant – the plant’s ‘essence’. The pure form of the oil is highly concentrated which makes it very potent. 

Essential oils have been used for several centuries for their aromatic and therapeutic benefits. It can affect people on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels. The use of essential oils has been a way of life for some cultures. There are many ancient texts and records that show how effective they are against ailments and certain conditions. 
During the last century, the use of essential oil declined in favor of more advances such as modern antibiotics and drugs. However, new studies are starting to rediscover the benefits of using essential oils. People who prefer natural treatment options also favor essential oil blends over synthetically produced medication. 

One of the best benefits of using essential oil blends is that it can help you lose weight faster. A person’s emotional state can greatly affect their eating habits. Aromatic scents can prevent unwanted food cravings and help you control your emotions. Essential oil blends are also effective in reducing stress and anxiety which can prevent emotional eating and weight gain. It can be applied topically or mixed with other products like body lotion and bath salts. It can also be inhaled for instant relief. 

Chapter 4 will guide in exploring the science of aromatherapy; it contains recipes that would enable you to use and mix oils for different purposes. You can experiment with different blends and start creating your own using essential oils. 

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