Murder In The First (O’Malley Mysteries)


 May 3, 2014

A murder mystery with more twists and turns than Hampton Court Maze

A young girl, murdered in the grounds of a private sanatorium catering to those with emotional and addiction problems.

For newly promoted Detective Inspector Patrick Augustine O’Malley it is the worst possible case to be placed in charge of.

The director of the hospital is well connected and wants a quick result that won’t embarass either him, his patients, or his hospital; everyone he interviews has means, motive, or opportunity; his new partner is a woeful Welshman who delights in delivering depressing quotations, and his ma, that master manipulater, wants him to help his hapless cousin, Jailhouse Jack.

Can O’Malley figure out who the murderer is, or will his investigative efforts see him demoted before he can fully recover from celebrating his promotion?

Grab your copy here

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