“Detox My Body” (A Game Plan to Cleanse Your Body, Boost Energy, and Lose Weight) by Glenn Malone



“Detox My Body” (A Game Plan to Cleanse Your Body, Boost Energy, and Lose Weight) 

Do you want more energy? 
Are you interested in losing weight? 
Do you want a healthier body and a more vibrant complexion? 

Detoxing your body will give you more energy, assist in achieving weight loss goals, build a healthier you, enhance your complexion, and so much more. 

Toxins are all around us. They are in our foods, our environments, our homes, and many of the products we buy. Our body needs regular detox periods to flush out these environmental toxins. As toxins build up, our immunity goes down, our energy levels plunge, our complexion loses color, we gain weight, and our overall health decreases. When we take time to detox your body, you reverse the negative effects of these toxins. 

This is not only true for our body, but also our brain. A proper detox regimen gives our mental faculties a sharper edge, more energy, and a better mental outlook. 

Today, you can start to feel better and have more energy, while living a healthier lifestyle. 

You will learn: 
The Adverse Effects of Toxins on the Body and the Brain 
Ways to Energize Yourself 
Foods that Pollute Your Body and Your Brain 
Foods that Detox Your Body and Your Brain 
How to Realistically Balancing Nutrition, Food, and Detoxing 
Detox and Weight Loss 
A Nutritional Program for Body and Mind Detox 
How to Protect from Environmental Toxins 
How to Recognize Potential Toxins within Your Home 
Daily, Weekly, & Quarterly Detox Plans of Action 

Don’t wait, read the book, follow the plan, and begin to see a healthier you! 

Click the Buy Now button above and begin to Detox now! 


grab your copy here



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