Jack Downing: The Lunatic Memoirs


When Jack Downing’s parents decide to institutionalize him at eight years old, he burned the house down. With his parents in it. 

Since then he’s become one of the most influential and wealthiest men in the world. He is cunning, intelligent, and is on a divine quest. Convinced God has chosen him to kill off mankind; he unsympathetically carries out his orders, executing one undesirable at a time. 

With less than a year to complete his calling, Jack begins to chronicle how he became God’s chosen one. Written in a narrative form, “The Lunatic Memoirs” is a novel that journeys deep into the detached reasoning of a sociopathic mind. 

Jack exists in the undefined space between lucidity and madness. And maybe it’s right where he’s meant to be. 

★★★★★ – “This beautifully twisted book is a work of genius!” by Karl 
★★★★★ – “Be prepared to be affected by it.” by S. Gallardo 
★★★★★ – “You will LOVE the Lunatic!” by Ann Stoddart 
★★★★★ – “What a lunatic. Brilliant!” by Shanay Davis 
★★★★★ – “This was an awesome book!!” by Kathleen Hiatt 
★★★★★ – “I expected a good read due to the reviews but this one went way further than I expected.” by Diana L 


Grab your copy here!



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