Flood: Book 3 STOLEN YEARS Trilogy (Dreaming Billabong) by Ryn Shell


Love and danger at the “Dreaming Billabong,” in Ryn Shell’s historical fiction set in Australia.

Australia’s Wild Places are the setting for crime mystery, action adventure.

Dreaming Billabong is not the peaceful haven that financially and emotionally broken Lesley hoped to escape to with her children Harry and Emily.

The Sydney based gambling syndicate seeks vengeance for Lesley’s husbands crimes.

Lesley’s criminal husband Peter and his father Raymond are pushing teenage Harry to the edge of sanity.

Cattleman Iain Fife is infatuated with Marianna, a new Australian, German migrant as a natural disaster, human error and murder create havoc in the small, inland country town.

People who had rarely associated, the families descended from British colonists, new migrant refugees from the Second World War and the Aboriginal community, are forced to pull together as they escape the flood. As they do, bonds form and Jarrah and Emily’s friendship deepens. However, Harry’s mental stability worsens.

Billabong Flood may be read as a stand-alone novel or as book three in the Stolen Years Trilogy, book four of Ryn Shell’s Dreaming Billabong series beginning with Billabong Ghost the novel about the crime that started the Payback. This is a saga of crime, mystery; resilience, love, romance and Australia.

Each novel in the Dreaming Billabong series contains a ‘stand-alone’ story.

While the characters and small inland town continue to come-of-age with each novel you are not left with a cliff-hanger ending.

A Glossary of Australian words is in the back of the book.

Australia itself is as much a character as are Harry, Charlotte and the cattle king Alan in the first novel, Billabong Ghost, and Harry, Jarrah and Emily are, in Stolen Years trilogy and as the children come of age, as the series progresses in Billabong Secrets.


There is a family tree in the back of the book showing several generations of four Fife Springs’ families.


The story transcends borders, as crime, resilience and love are universal.

Book bundles and the individual books in the Dreaming Billabong series have all been best sellers in genre and Hot New Release listed Internationally.


About the Dreaming Billabong series.

Cattleman and heir to the Fife Downs Cattle station, Iain Fife, son of Alan Fife, is of Scottish and Aboriginal Australian decent. Fife Springs is an inland country town with characters striving to survive in dangerous situations.

Move through the series, with Jarrah and Emily, from the excitement of Sydney, to the dramatic landscapes and isolation inland.


Ryn Shell is an award winning, best selling author and cover artist designer.

Ryn Shell is well known as the award winning artist, Kathy Shell, formerly of Buninyong Gallery, and the cover artist and designer of the Dreaming Billabong books. The author is a traditionally published Australian travel writer and hybrid historical fiction and romantic-suspense author.


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