Kimberley: Outback Western Australia: Caravan Tour with a Dog (Travel Australia) by Gray Nomad



100 Colour Photographs. FREE and budget, dog friendly, caravan accessible, places to stay in the Kimberley.

Travel guide from first hand experience. FREE scenic campsites.

From Katherine in the Northern Territory, enter Western Australia from the east. Share the journey with fiction and non-fiction author Ryn Shell and Reg, and their dog, as they show and tell of their favorite FREE campsites, caravan friendly roads, and dog friendly places to visit as you cross the outback Kimberley region of Australia.

˃˃˃ From the personal travel experience of Ryn Shell, author of the best selling Dreaming Billabong series.

Ryn Shell tours Australia with husband, the dog, and a caravan, writing Australian travel articles and Australian fiction. She has personal experience of all the places she recommends to fellow travellers.

The novel series she writes is Dreaming Billabong, the billabong series for adults.

That fiction series is stories of crime, mystery, betrayal; resilience, love and Australia.


˃˃˃ Caravan tour with dog: Series.

Outback Kimberley is the first in a series of eBooks, ideal for both the young family wishing to tour Australia in a caravan, on a budget, and the gray with an a for active, gray nomad, senior, touring Australia in retirement on a limited income. Ryn Shell’s suggested stop-over locations will mainly be scenic. This eBook is for those who love nature but don’t want to wreck their caravan in getting out and experiencing it.

Happy Travels.

Feel welcome to contact the author Ryn Shell.

Grab your copy here


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