The Weimaraner. The Legendary Grey Ghost: Complete Guide

The Weimaraner is a German hunting dog breed with origins in the late 18th and early 19th century, created exclusively for the nobility of Weimar. 
Over time, Weimaraners have become very popular and are seen in many cities around the world. One of the main reasons people choose this particular breed of dog is because of its beauty. Weimaraners are very demanding dogs and with the help of a dog trainer, I set out to write a book all about this magnificent breed so that those considering sharing their home with a Weimaraner or those who already do, have all the information they need for a happy life together with their beautiful and extremely intelligent dog. 

In this book you will learn: 
– The origins of the breed 
– Breeding 
– Vital Statistics and characteristics 
– Coat colours and types of Weimaraners 
– Grooming 
– Feeding and Health issues 
– Obedience 
– Potty training 
– Emergency cases 
– Activity requirements and sports you can do with your Weim 

The book also features some unique, beautiful photography. 


Get it here


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