SEO for Entrepreneurs 2014: Rank your website. Attract more visitors and sales


Why SEO for entrepreneurs?

Either if you want to carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to rank and position your own website (or a client’s website) at the top of the search engines; or 
you are interested in understanding more about the topic, this ebook is for you. 

This ebook is an introduction to SEO for those entrepreneurs who, like myself in the past, also needed to be introduced to search engine optimization. 

What will this ebook provide you with?

This book will provide you with an overview of the three main reasons to do Search Engine Optimization and I will give you tips to get your page ranked on the first page in Google searches, as i did with my own website. 

As well, this ebook will : 

– solve your doubts about why you need SEO 
– teach you how to analyse results 
– give you the reasons to use Social Media 
– how to find the appropiate keywords 
– and why Content is important 

and much more! 

Keep reading and find out how SEO can help you. 


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The Weimaraner. The Legendary Grey Ghost: Complete Guide

The Weimaraner is a German hunting dog breed with origins in the late 18th and early 19th century, created exclusively for the nobility of Weimar. 
Over time, Weimaraners have become very popular and are seen in many cities around the world. One of the main reasons people choose this particular breed of dog is because of its beauty. Weimaraners are very demanding dogs and with the help of a dog trainer, I set out to write a book all about this magnificent breed so that those considering sharing their home with a Weimaraner or those who already do, have all the information they need for a happy life together with their beautiful and extremely intelligent dog. 

In this book you will learn: 
– The origins of the breed 
– Breeding 
– Vital Statistics and characteristics 
– Coat colours and types of Weimaraners 
– Grooming 
– Feeding and Health issues 
– Obedience 
– Potty training 
– Emergency cases 
– Activity requirements and sports you can do with your Weim 

The book also features some unique, beautiful photography. 


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Freelance Jobs. How to start a sucessful career online: (Odesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr, People per hour) The Freedom to Work Anywhere in the World

Why Freelancing Online?

Skip traffic jams, spending money commuting, having to sit on a table from 9 to 5! Start earning money from home. 

Become a freelance writer, editor, photographer, web creator, logo designer, virtual assistant and more and working at the jobs you are interested in, at your own pace, for a price agreeable to you, no matter where in the world they may originate, is now a viable alternative for those with even just a small amount of entrepreneurial spirit. 

In 2013 the online staffing market grew a 60%, and be ready for even a greater change because in 2020 a 50% of the workers will be freelancers. 


How is this ebook going to help you

This book is designed to help you get started down the path of becoming successfully self-employed by offering your particular brand of freelance services to the world. 

Are you ready to join this growing economy and to have the freedom to choose who do you work for and for what price..and maybe more important, from where? 

What will you learn

– The reasons to freelance 
– Today’s job situation and future 
– How to get started 
– Branding yourself 
– How to build up a good portafolio 
– How much to charge 
– Gaining Experience 
– How to ask clients for more money 
– Which are the most popular freelancing websites 
– How to make money from home 

And much more! 


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